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Akara and anything else

Just imagine it and it would be made possible. We serve Akara and anything your imagination can permit. Yummy!

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Akara Burger

With Moinmoinandextra nothing is impossible. We have very creative recipes that would amaze your taste board.

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Beans and Corn

Yes, we have decided to bring back your favorite childhood delicacy. Our Beans and Corn would bring back pleasant memories.

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"I love the taste of all your delicacies. You won me over from the very first day."
Mariam Femi

Moinmoin and Extra

Have a taste of our moinmoin in combination with anything else you have ever loved. Soups & Sauce, Suya, Gizzard, Kidney, and everything else that is imaginable.

"Good food, any day any time."
John Emeka
IT Expert


We put everything into consideration before preparing our moinmoin; hygiene, taste, customer’s preferences, timing, and a few other things. We make sure we deliver the best possible taste and put nutritional recommendations into consideration.



Soups and Sauce are everythging, they bring taste and live to anything they are combined with. We are very scientific when it comes to Soups and Sauce; meaning we pay attention to even the most irrelevant detail in other for us to deliver something beyond the extraordinary. 


Even if you have never loved Akara, our varieties of akara can change that life-long dislike of yours. We make something else out of the regular akara, and deliver to you something amazing.


This is where our creativity knows no bounds. From the imaginable, to a bit beyond the unimaginable. Just tell us the combination you want and we would deliver.

Our Corporate Clients

Our Edge

Great Taste

We get positive feedback regularly from our customers about the great taste of our delicacies.

Global Brand

We are a global brand, and this translates into everything we do. We keep to standards and always try to deliver the EXTRA-ordinary.

Home Delivery

Make an order and we would deliver at your door-step. Home, office, shop, picnic, excursion, and almost anywhere else.


For us, hygiene matters in everything we do and we are always open to get feedback on this. We always keep hygiene in mind on how we prepare our food and where we prepare them.

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